Coronavirus (COVID 19) Cleaning and Disinfection

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Coronavirus Update

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to respond to the novel Coronavirus outbreak. AMC and Cleaning Solutions. Have an effective plan includes OSHA and CDC protocols for disinfecting surfaces most likely to come into contact with an infected person: Keyboards, doorknobs, work surfaces, light fixtures, common kitchen areas, for example. Since COVID-19 is also spread through airborne droplets of saliva and sputum, contamination isn’t limited to frequently-touched surfaces.

How can AMC & Cleaning Solutions protect your staff, clients, and property from COVID-19?

During an outbreak, your organization will be understaffed and overstressed due to illness or personal safety concerns. Routine cleaning of your facility, place of business, or vehicle fleet may suffer when diligence is essential.

How much time, energy, and expense are you willing to funnel into biohazard control and worker safety during a health crisis?

Our outbreak control professionals follow the latest decontamination guidelines

Health officials discourage the use of “overkill” solutions such as chlorine-based cleaners that may cause the coronavirus to mutate into a “superbug”.

At present, the WHO and CDC recommend standard cleaning compounds or the enzyme-based solutions we employ in most biohazard cleanup and sanitation projects. The greater challenge is applying the right steps and techniques for wiping down and sanitizing surfaces so as not to cross-contaminate previously “clean” areas.

This comprehensive action plan, based on up-to-date health official recommendations, outlines the safest and most effective methods for cleaning and disinfecting areas while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. Our technicians have field experience with these protocols, and we update and review their training as GBAC, CDC, OSHA, and WHO releases new information.

We’re properly equipped with PPE equipment

Inexpensive surgical masks reduce the risk that you inhale infected airborne body fluids and discourage you from touching your face, but the act of treating coronavirus patients and cleaning contaminated surfaces requires mechanical respirators, eye protection, and protective clothing.

This personal protective equipment (PPE) requires careful donning and doffing techniques for them to be effective. Should you review GBAC’s latest recommendations for PPE use, you’ll understand why news services aren’t being sensational when they show hospital staff and safety workers dressed in full “spacesuits”.







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